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Let's Invite Some People!


You survived the #pandemic, met your soulmate on #Bumble, went on some strange virtual dates, and decided to spend the rest of your lives together! These are the stories we live for - in the middle of the end of the world, #love finds a way.

Now comes the fun part - #WeddingPlanning! I'm sure you have a million of questions... (trust me I've heard them all) and you are trying to navigate between the unrealistic expectations of #Pinterest and the overwhelming number of vendors on #WeddingWire .

Not to worry, we are here to help! We started this #blog to help our clients, and anyone else who might be reading this (Hi Mom!), to navigate this crazy #wedding world that we love so much.

So let's start with the basics... #invitations & a little bit of #etiquette

I don't expect you to have read the latest edition of the Emily Post Etiquette really wasn't a page turner. But even in this day and age, a lot of what we call "socially correct behavior" is still observed in weddings! All the traditions and formalities come out to play and we get to pretend that for one night we are royalty. Your #WeddingPlanner should be able to answer all of your questions and guide you on what to do in any situation.

For this post, let's start with some of the basics when it comes to invitation etiquette. Depending on your family dynamic, or who is "hosting" your wedding, this changes how your invitation should be worded and formatted. Here are two examples:


Bride's Parents Hosting:


Couple Hosting:


You can see how this can get tricky with so many wonderful and unique family dynamics. And we didn't even touch on the Response Card or Reception Card! EXHALE!!! A good Wedding Planner can help you navigate through all of this.

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Wording and formatting are only the tip of this invitation iceberg, but it shouldn't be as dramatic as Leo DiCaprio made it out to be. So here are my...


  1. Choose Your Words Wisely Learn the rules to wording your invitation. Discuss your wording options with your wedding planner/coordinator. Many times they can save you from making etiquette mistakes. They will also be able to give you several options for your specific situation, whether you have divorced parents or prefer to not mention parents at all, they can help you.

  2. Define Your Style The invitation is your guests' first peek at your wedding style. Along with listing the location and time of day, the invitation—and, more specifically, its style—hints to the formality of your wedding. You should have an idea of the type of event you are throwing—classic and elegant or glam and modern—before you start shopping for stationery so you can choose an invitation style that hits the same note.

  3. Don't Forget the Rest of Your Suite Order your menu cards, escort cards, programs, and thank-you notes with your invitations. That way, your stationer can include all of the pieces in one order, which may save you money and time. It's also a good way to ensure that all your stationery has a cohesive look, even if you want to vary the design slightly for each element (by switching the dominant color or alternating between two patterns, for example).

  4. Over Punctuation Don’t use punctuation on your wedding invitations except for periods after titles (Mr. // Mrs. // Dr.), commas in the dates, and commas between the city and the state.

  5. Unknown Guests Use the names of invited guests if you have them—if you don’t, “and guest” is better than “plus 1.”

  6. Triple-Check the Proof Before your invitation order is printed, your stationer will send you a proof (either a hard copy or an email attachment of the invite mock-up). Borrow a tip from copy editors and read the proof word for word starting from the end of the invitation and working your way back to the beginning so you don't accidentally gloss over any mistakes.

  7. Choose Wisely Everyone who attends the ceremony should be invited to the reception.

From handmade invitations with intricate calligraphy, to environmentally friendly evites, there is no wrong way to send your invitation! This is about YOUR wedding and what the two of you have envisioned for many years.



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