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The most overlooked and under-budgeted component of an event is the Master of Ceremony.
Generally speaking, an MC is the person who keeps the event moving along, makes announcements, and typically guides the attendees to the next formality. There are a number of different events that require an MC, and for many, the event’s DJ can handle this work.

A professional MC or Emcee will flavor each transition and mundane instruction with comedy, personality & professionalism. He stays ‘on top of it’ yet thrive in the ‘off the cuff’ moments that would stump most others. In many situations, a great emcee is all the entertainment you need.
If you have a need for a professional M.C. (some call it Emcee, we stick with M.C.) but don’t know where to find one – look no further! We have years of experience public speaking, organizing programs and making events run smoothly. Our Event Hosts meet with you, listen to your needs, and work with you to bring you the right M.C. for your event.

There are many planning aspects and variables that will be considered and addressed before the event. Together we will touch on all of them as we listen to your thoughts and ideas. Our M.C.s will be consistent with the atmosphere you want to create and exhibit the appropriate mix of charisma, charm, and professionalism you expect from a skilled M.C.

Our M.C.s are experienced in areas such as product/campaign launches, customer appreciation events, corporate awards ceremonies, and conferences. Every client has specific and unique needs for M.C. services, so please contact us for information and pricing for your event.

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